Apply for Accreditation

– Fill out the application form

To begin the accreditation process, CABs must submit a completed application, accompanied by the requested documentation and payment, to our address.

– Assessment of Systems

Following U360 Cert’s review of the applicant’s application documents against the relevant accreditation criteria, the applicant receives a report. The second stage of assessment will not proceed until the documented system meets requirements.

– Analyse

A U360 Cert assessment team conducts an on-site assessment at the applicant’s office. In addition to witnessing the applicant team’s assessment activity at their client’s premises, the assessment team also writes a report of its findings and recommendations at the end of the assessment process.

– Assessment Report Review

In the U360 Cert , accreditation is reviewed by an Accreditation Review Panel (ARP), which includes individuals who have expertise in the scope of accreditation sought. This panel then reviews the report and makes a determination whether to grant certification.

– Decision on Accreditation

Certificates of Accreditation are issued if accreditation is approved.

Applicants who are not approved for accreditation are informed of the reasons for the decision. A subsequent application may be considered.

The CAB is inspected regularly once it has been accredited to ensure that it is complying with the accreditation criteria. U360 Cert also selects CAB auditors and inspectors for witnessing activities. Every three years, U360 Cert conducts a complete reassessment.